So yeah…

No one’s really subscribed to this blog, and I’m not really expecting anyone to either. This is more to get my thoughts together more than anything haha. Few updates since my last post… couple *years* ago?

EOS project is still inching forward at a snail’s pace. I have a solid first chapter done (which, mind you, I really like), but I also have 3-4ish alternative ideas for a “chapter one”. Who knows when I’ll actually get 5 consecutive chapters done. A semester? A year? 4 years? A week? Eh.

In additional news, I just had a jaw correction surgery so I’ll be unable to speak for roughly 3 weeks and unable to speak *properly* for much longer. Currently on a liquid diet with puffy cheeks and despite my gung-ho attitude at the start…

Let alone the pain, holy shit does not being able to speak or chew solid foods suck.

Honestly that should have been expected…

But yeah, partially to cope and to not let my writing ability whither away untouched like I did this whole… year? I’ll be doing a blog post a day starting with Day 1-4 all in one go since I’m currently on Day 4. If I decide to keep up this blog, I’ll probably post a few character profiles, general interactions, cut-scenes, omakes, etc. from the EOS project (as well as a proper description of the project). If someone is reading this, hello, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Author Status: Alive, and very much so suffering.

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Project Discontinued Until Further Notice

Since the preview is almost set in stone, I figured I’d post this before going on super duper hiatus.

Do note that while this is technically a “re:” genre story, it’s my intention to make the setup as realistic as possible within a future setting.


* * *

He lay there motionless. Even though life hadn’t escaped from him yet, it wouldn’t be long now.

It was leaking away: Slowly, Painfully, with nothing obstructing its ebb and flow.

The sidewalk was already dyed a bright scarlet:  

A sight beautiful, yet fearful.


A weak laugh escaped.

His bones, particularly around the legs, groaned with a splitting pain.

He could barely hear the faint sounds of the child crying next to him;

the screams of the familiar girl running in his direction.

He could hear, but what could he do?


He knew. It was already too late. He was far beyond saving.


Life had not been pleasant,

his closest allies traitors, his father detestable, his daily life miserable,

Yet, He didn’t want to let things to slip away just yet.

Somewhere within him, he wanted to continue

Laughing off his struggles; pretending to be undisturbed


Regrets he still had plenty:

Relentless, ever-present, and now, unresolvable.

He was helpless, unable to do anything anymore.

Everything that mattered to him would end here,

Insignificantly brushed away by a casual sweep of death’s hand.


“Cold,” he muttered.

Every breath he took now was labored.

It wouldn’t be long.


Through his blurred vision, he saw that the girl had reached his body.

Tears were dripping from her face and mixing with his blood.

He knew she was crying, but silence had already gently enveloped his ears.

They wouldn’t reach him physically at least.



he thought as his eyelids grew heavy.

He could feel the careful hands of the reaper severing what was left of his soul from his body.


With his final breath, broken images swam before his eyes.

A frail-bodied figure. A laughing widow. A burning shack. A blood-soaked cloak.

The visions stopped, and even the feelings of regret began to slip away.

Amidst the flowing stream,

a final thought found its way to the surface of his consciousness.

‘Her Birthday…’

* * *

A/N: Happy holidays to all, and a happy new year.

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Project Aborted Until Further Notice

Too much to do, too little time to do.

Little to no motivation to write atm. Glad I didn’t start something I couldn’t keep up with this time around. I won’t post anything until I have at least 10 solid chapters or a proper arc written. First 5 chapters are always the hardest >.>

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Just playing around with wordpress. Seeing out how to make posts available for viewing on the main page.

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The actual story

Will probably start around January/February. I just wanted to play around with wordpress to test a few things out first (hence this placeholder website).

Ch1 is written and being edited a lot. Ch2 has been started.

Depending on how things look, I’ll start posting after Ch5 or so.

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